#2592 (Pepper) & #2593 (Salt) Fishing Reel Handle Mills are turned of Spectraply

We have made it into 2021 and George is busy with new product ideas. We are grateful for all the folks who have supported us especially in the last year. We missed doing shows and meeting folks, and hope we will be able to continue with them this year. Take care and all the best!

Please feel free to ask questions, and let us know how we can help!

*Note: We have found it prudent to watermark our photos. The watermark "GTO Woodturning" will not appear on the face of your piece. Thanks for understanding.

#2592 (Pepper) & #2593 (Salt) Fishing Reel Handle Mills are turned of Spectraply


#2592 (Pepper) & #2593 (Salt) are turned of Spectraply in Charcoal, Brown, Olive, Burgundy with Sapele (Tropical Africa) and walnut. The pepper mill has dark reel handle knobs and the salt mill light reel handle knobs. They are priced per pair. Note: this set has been sold, but we can turn a set for you!

George and his friend Claudine have come up with a new mill design perfect for the fishing folks and those who like the unusual! These mills are designed with handles from casting reels! George has adapted them to be the feature in this line. The wood is from Cousineau Wood Products in a range of colors, and the quality mechanisms are from Chef Specialities in PA. They are currently available only in pairs.

These mills are 5 ½” tall and 2 7/8” across the base. Each has an accent disc at the top and bottom and an elevating disc for ease in turning. The pepper mechanisms are fully adjustable. Salt mills have ceramic mechanisms. As far as we know, George is the only one who has figured out how to put this kind of a mechanism on a mill, making it very "cool" and easy to turn.  The mill is signed, dated, the wood identified, and a number refers to our data base. It will come with vials of multi-colored pepper and Himalayan Pink Salt in a gift box.