#2476 Antique Coffee Mill Maple, Black Walnut, Ambrosia Maple

Item Description

This stunning coffee mill was recently sold. We can create one similar for you! Coffee Mill # 2476 is the latest in this series of mills that George turned with a unique design in the mill base. This one is turned of Maple, Black Walnut and features a lid of Ambrosia Maple. . It is 10” tall and 5 3/4” across the base. It features the "Antique" style mechanism that is fully adjustable to the grind you would prefer. Hand ground coffee, while slower than an electric grinder, yields coffee that is lower in acid and not "burned" in the grinder. You won't be sorry if you chose this mechanism. We have used our mill nearly every day for years!  Each mill base is stamped with our logo, the woods are identified and a number links it to our database. This design is OOAK and sure to evoke smiles from the recipient! Enjoy! THIS ONE IS IN IT'S NEW HOME, BUT WE CAN DO ONE JUST FOR YOU IN THESE WOODS OR YOUR WOOD SELECTION.


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