#2420 -- Combination Salt Shaker and Pepper Mill in "Blue Angel" Pattern

Item Description

This mill has been sold. Please contact us if you would like a similar design! Thank you for your understanding. #2420 is a Combination Salt Shaker and Pepper Mill. We saw an article saying one of the new colors for kitchens is blue. This mill would be a lovely accent to a blue kitchen or for someone who loves blue. The color is created in a factory in Maine that slices and dyes birch, then laminates colored layers together, so the color is embedded in the wood. We purchase turning blanks and George creates distinctive mills! This mill measures 7” tall and 2 7/8” across the base. The pepper mill mechanism is adjustable for just the right grind. It is easy to fill with the ground salt of your preference and comes with a vial of multi-colored pepper! This mill was hand sanded through multiple grits and finished to make it easy to wipe clean. It is signed, dated and the wood identified on the base. A number refers to its image in our database, so if ever there is a question or concern we know exactly which mill you are referring to. Who do you know who would love this mill? It is in stock and can be shipped tomorrow!

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