#2400 Combination Salt Shaker & Pepper Mill Zircote and Mixed Woods

Item Description

This mill has been sold. Please contact us if you would like a similar design! Thank you for your understanding. #2400 Combination Salt Shaker and Pepper Mill. With this handy, all-in-one mill you can grind pepper from the bottom and shake salt from the top. This practical dinner table accessory will make a thoughtful, functional handmade gift. Features a ceramic adjustable peppermill grinding mechanism and includes easy access to refill with both table salt and peppercorns. George usually starts with the wood or woods for the base, but this time he had a piece of Zircote found in Central America and Mexico. It was so eye catching that he decided to pair it with a variety of woods including Black Walnut. This mill is about 6 3/4” tall from base to top of knob and 2 3/4" wide across the base. It has been sanded through multiple grits and has a finish allowing for easy care. It is signed and dated and the woods identified. We will ship it in a gift box unless otherwise specified with a starter of peppercorns. This is absolutely a one-of-a-kind mill that will delight someone special.

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