#2130 Antique Style Coffee Mill: Maple, Ash & Purpleheart

#2130 Antique Style Coffee Mill: Maple, Ash & Purpleheart

This one is sold, but if you love it, we can turn one similar for you!  #2130 Antique Style Coffee Mill: Maple base, ash top ring accented with a ring of Purpleheart Yes--that is the natural color of that wood which can run from deep purple to Amethyst.

Our coffee mills are turned in designs that are functional and artful. While our “on hand” selection is limited, we can make one for you in the wood of your choice from our available selection or obtain your wood choice for you. 

You will be amazed at the difference hand ground coffee makes! The “antique” design mills are fashioned after an antique grinder, but are modern. We have a limited selection of mills in the ‘bowl” mill model. Because you chose the wood, the mill you receive can be a design that is a cooperative effort between us. Let us know what would suit your fancy!

The base of this mill is turned of maple grown in the Catskills of NY, as was the top ring of ash. The accent ring is Purpleheart sustainably harvested in from the area of Central and South America (from Mexico down to southern Brazil) . It is 11" tall and 6" across the base. It features the "Antique" style mechanism that is fully adjustable to the grind you would prefer. Hand ground coffee, while slower than an electric grinder, yields coffee that is lower in acid and not "burned" in the grinder. You won't be sorry. We have used our mill nearly every day for years!

While this one may have been spoken for, is one similar just the thing for you or a coffee connoisseur who would appreciate it? Let us know and give us time to turn it just for you!