Star Topped Mills

Star Top Mill Set


George has found a way to incorporate innovative tops onto his salt and pepper mills. The most popular (so far!) are his star toped mills. The pepper mill mechanism is adjustable and the salt mill is ceramic. Both are American Made an guaranteed by the manufacturer as well as by us! This mill set was created of cherry and maple from the Catskills of NY. It has been spoken for, but let us know if you would like one in the woods of your choice!

Each mill is sanded by hand with multiple grits, and finished with Polycrylic© . Every one is signed, dated and the wood or woods is identified on the base. A number refers to its image in our database, so if ever there is a question or concern we know exactly which mill you are referring to. It enables us to create a companion spice mill or coffee mill in similar woods if we have them available!