Pepper Mill & Ceramic Grind Salt Mill Set Custom Designed for you!


Mechanisms are available in Copper, Brass or George's Choice (if none is chosen)

Some folks like a pepper mill with a companion salt mill in a distinctive style, and this is it! The pepper mills features an adjustable mechanism. The mechanisms are made by others, however we guarantee them under normal use. The sets we show are only a starting point for you to initiate your own design. You may find something that you like on our site, or we will work with you to design a pair in the wood or woods you chose from our available selection.

We do have a few mill sets that may be made from reconditioned Industria Textile Bobbins. Please Contact us regarding our supply.

Most of the “Antique” Style Pepper Mills are approximately 9” to 10 ½” tall and 2 ½” to 3” at the base. If you find a profile on the web site that interests you, please let us know. The companion salt mills are approximately 6” tall and 2 ½” across the base. Each of our salt mills features a ceramic mechanism, made in the USA, so that the salt will not corrode it as it would a metal mechanism. We will ask you to chose a valve handle top or a star top, and you will chose whether the top is painted black or white.

Each of the mills is signed and dated and the wood identified. Every mill is also accompanied by a tag identifying the type of wood and care. The mill is coded with a number on the base, and we have a photo of that piece.. If there is ever a question, please note that number when contacting us. Unless you tell us otherwise, the mills will come in a gift box.