Lighthouse Mills -- Custom Turned for You!


Whimsical and wonderful, these mills are truly one of a kind. Each features a “Crush Grind®” mechanism that is ceramic and can be used for salt or pepper, or dry herbs or a combination, and is easily adjustable. These mills are approximately 12” tall and 3” at the base. Whether you chose woods that are domestic hard woods or exotic woods, it is truly a mill of distinction. Each mill is sanded by hand with multiple grits, and finished with a hard coat sealer for easy cleaning. Every one is signed, dated and the wood or woods is identified on the base. A number refers to its image in our database, so if ever there is a question or concern we know exactly which mill you are referring to. Let us turn one for you or someone who is a light in your life!

The images will give you an idea of some we have turned. Please contact us to discuss pricing based on your choices