Garlic Mallet, Garlic Masher, Maple



You may ask for one that is larger or more petite from our run of the lathe

We were at a show when a customer asked for “one of those garlic thingies” He described it and said it was just the thing to take the hull off garlic cloves. George made one and that customer was exactly right. Smacking the clove with our masher dislodges the hull without the potential of cutting your hand on a knife. You can hit the whole bulb to separate the cloves, and then the individual cloves can be mashed to release the essence of the garlic. And they are easy to clean, and look sweet sitting on a counter as well.

Our mashers are usually turned of kiln-dried hard maple and shaped like little mushrooms.. Every one is hand sanded and finished with food safe walnut oil, and come with a care tag.  They are run of the lathe and grain varies, some are larger, others more petite! Let us know what you would prefer.