Academic Mace for Herkimer County Community College

We have been making lots of wood chips! And some of them came from cherry that grew at Herkimer County Community College. George crafted an academic mace and bases from that wood. It is ready for the college to install their seals and there is space for a Herkimer Diamond to be seated in the top. They will debut it at their commencement ceremony this month. Thanks to the President, Dr. Cathleen C. McColgin, Rob Fowler, Foundation Director, Jan Fuhrer, Development Program Specialist and all who worked with us to create a mace that reflects the history and richness of the Herkimer Area.


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Students from over the state, country, and world choice Herkimer College for many reasons. The most important is our excellent academics. Herkimer College positions among the main 100 junior colleges in the U.S. for student success since us constantly complete amazing graduation and transfer rates.
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